More and more media, more and more products, more and more messages - today it is quite difficult to address and activate consumers in a targeted manner. Difficult, but not impossible. Because with unique analysis tools, extensive geo-targeting data and special strategies activatingMedia succeeds again and again in connecting people, brands and media to mutual benefit.

Geo Marketing

We work with 3 different approaches

1. approach: location planning

  • Catchment areas can be mapped exactly
  • Basis: Buyer data and dealer addresses

2. approach: target group planning

  • TG potentials can be precisely located graphically
  • Basis: marketing target groups

3. approach: Local planning

  • Smallest regional dealer / branch control
  • Basis: Given media selection and budget
Media Planning

We act customer-oriented

Our high standards:

  • Attention-getting and wide-ranging regional or locally controlled media strategies,
  • linked with creative content and a network in which all strategic objectives can be met.
  • The planning is precise, spatially controlled, cost-efficient but above all effective.

Our promise to our clients:

  • We will tailor our principle of orientation completely to your requirements. Our tools are used by professionals in the best possible way - to minimize wastage and thus to achieve the highest possible attention in the target group for you.