Network and agency in one

Powerful thanks to pooled expertise

BrandGalaxy Group is an owner-managed network of agencies from every communication discipline. ‘Brand’ refers to the world of products at the heart of the network, while ‘Galaxy’ represents the wide-ranging expertise that can be called upon in our owner-managed network covering the area of brand communication. BrandGalaxy Group is synonymous with professional consulting at a high level. The managing directors offer excellent advice while remaining very much involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

Combining strengths and pooling expertise – in other words, ‘networking’. This is how the BrandGalaxy Group is in a position to offer its clients integral, tailored concepts from a single source. The individual disciplines mutually benefit from the strengths of the others, which means that clients achieve their aims more quickly – combining the power of communication for a compelling brand presence.

BrandGalaxy Group
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